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DataQuencher is the first marketing research firm focused exclusively on the craft brewing industry.

We survey over 10,000 beer consumers per year to provide our clients with reliable and relevant insights that help them make informed decisions.

How strong is your brand?

You know how good your product is, but do you know what consumers really think of your brand?

Serving as the voice of the customer, DataQuencher helps you understand how you're perceived in the marketplace. We tell you what consumers think you're doing right (and should do more of), what needs some help, and where you could go next.

DataQuencher research focuses on local and regional markets to make sure our information is relevant for our clients. 

Macro thinking for Microbrews.

Our people have a passion for craft beer and for marketing research. In other words, we're really into both hops and statistics. 

Our team members bring plenty of real world experience to the table, having worked in marketing and product development at some of the biggest names in consumer goods. We leverage this experience to provide best-in-class advice to our partners across the craft brewing industry.

Our Brewery Market Analysis helps you better understand...


Every brand has a personality – what’s yours? Our ‘Your Brand, Their Words’ feature lets you see how consumers describe your brand in their own words.

  • How well is your brand known? 
  • What do consumers really think of your brand?
  • How does your brand awareness impact sales?


You know your customers. But we can help you know even more about them. Our insights provide a deeper view into their attitudes & behaviors.

  • What other brands are they buying?
  • How much are they spending on beer?
  • Where do they get beer info (social media, friends, etc.)?


Consumers have more choices than ever before. Ever wonder what they think about other brands? We help you understand the competitive landscape.

  • Which breweries are viewed as innovative, independent, high quality, and other key attributes?
  • Who do consumers think is the 'next big thing' in beer?

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